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Our Committee

Our committee is comprised of the original founders of the choir and members of the choir who volunteer their time to ensure the smooth running of the choir.

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Our Committee

Gill pic.jpeg

Gill was born in Liverpool, but has lived in Parbold for 36 years with her husband Fred. They have 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren.  Fred is also a member of SING4FUN!

Gill started singing on her Nanna’s knee from about the age of 3 and she has always loved singing since then! She has been a member of a variety of singing groups and choirs for most of her life.

As a small child, Gill sang regularly, both at family celebrations and at Sunday school.  She then became a member of both her school and her local church choirs, up until her early 20s. 

During her teaching career, she was often involved in singing at school productions and has tried both choral & amateur dramatic societies over the years.  

All of these experiences have imprinted a love of all kinds of music in Gill's heart!Gill has always believed that singing is 'Good for the soul' due to the very many benefits - socially, emotionally & physically - that singing has always brought (and continues to bring) to her life.

Gill Louttit

Rita Dalton

Rita has lived in Parbold for nearly 30 years, was married to her late husband Ken for 22 years and has 2 grown up daughters and 1 grandson. 

Having been a member of a couple of choirs, including Rock Choir, Rita was delighted to set up SING4FUN! with Gill in 2015.  Although Rita was in her school choir, a very busy working life meant that  she came late to singing, after losing her husband Ken in 2012.    

Rita - RC Summer ball.png

She found the choir experience uplifting   and therapeutic, offering Rita the opportunity to sing, make new friends and also take part in public     performances, whilst benefiting local charities.  Singing on stage with Russell Watson and G4 after learning some operatic songs in Italian and French have been particularly challenging and thrilling.  All the many varied performances have been exciting and liberating experiences.  

These experiences and opportunities have made Rita realise just how uplifting singing with a group of people is and especially the opportunity to perform, which is why she is delighted that others are benefiting from the opportunity improve well-being, forge new friendships, learn new songs and singing techniques as well as to sing together in the SING4FUN! community singing group


Jenny Saunders

Jenny grew up in Parbold, moving away for a short time in her late teens/early adulthood. She returned to the village to bring up her own children, recognising that the Parbold community offers children a safe, friendly environment in which to grow and learn good values for life.

Gill and Jenny first became friends when they were helping at cub scouts which their boys attended and have been firm friends ever since. When Gill suggested starting SING4FUN! Jenny was only too

Jtoo pleased to help.  She does not have the singing/performing background of Gill and Rita but makes up for it in enthusiasm.


Jenny has 4 children.  They are supportive of her new venture and were delighted to see her perform with the choir at the Parbold Street Festival. Being involved in community groups is so important to Jenny. 


SING4FUN! has brought old friendships closer and has helped forge new ones.  There is always plenty of fun to be had on rehearsal night and certainly never a dull moment!

Jo MacRae

Jo joined SING4FUN! In 2016 having previously enjoyed performing, from an early age, with an amateur dramatics group in Ormskirk.


She has thoroughly enjoyed singing with the choir for the past 2-3 years and was delighted to be asked to join the committee having both experienced and witnessed the benefits of group singing.

Jo pic.jpg

Jo has a real passion for ensuring that SING4FUN! enables everyone to participate, enjoy each rehearsal and know that they are a value member of the group.


Jo helped organise the first Parbold Sings event in 2018, was overwhelmed by the reception it got and can’t wait for this year’s event on March 30th! 

Ann pic.jpg

Ann Angell

Although born in Ireland, Ann has lived in Skelmersdale for 42 years with her husband Alan. They have one grown-up daughter.

Ann has been a SING4FUN! choir member since day one. She has always loved to sing and started at an early age with lots of encouragement from her late father who was singing Karaoke into his eighties.

For Ann, being a member of SING4FUN! is a wonderful experience and she looks forward to weekly rehearsals. Ann had never been in a choir before and was a little nervous when she came to the first rehearsal but soon realised that you don’t have to able to read music or have experience in performing to sing for fun. 

Singing always makes Ann feel good but when you do it with a warm and friendly group like SING4FUN! it makes you feel on top of the world!

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